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Bandana Kumari

Bandana Kumari is an Indian politician currently serves as Member of Legislative Assembly for Shalimar Bagh constituency since 2013. She has served as Deputy Speaker of Delhi Legislative Assembly and former president of women's wing of the party, Aam Aadmi Party Mahila Shakti.


Bandana Kumari

Bandana Kumari is a Politician and a Great Social worker. Social welfare is a moto of his life. She is also Attached with Aam Aadmi Party From a Long Time. She Lives in Shalimar Bagh, Delhi India. She was Born in his Home town Bihar on 11 March 1974 . Her husband's name is Sajjan Kumar.

Services For Every Citizen

My Works Which should be follow by every citizen if India

Social Welfare

By social welfare, I mean that in all areas of society, whether it is education, agriculture, women empowerment, child labor, we should work for the interests of society, only then the welfare of the country is possible.


Politics means protecting all the interests of the people and working for their welfare within a democracy.

A Good citizen

A good citizen is the one who sees the bad thing and raised his voice for it and walks with everyone to save his democracy and vote for him.

Social Works

The purpose of my life is to serve the people, to do social welfare, to protect their interests and to mix their voice with their voice and reach the government.




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Bandana Kumari

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